Our Technology

Marmar Media’s proprietary Cross-Platform Optimization Technology assists in doing only one simple thing – Better Convert

Machine learning

Through Data-Mining and Algorithmic analysis of dozens of sources, creative ,bidding models and conversion data, we are able to better understand ,classify and segment user behavior and make real time predictions and decisions that stimulate user interaction and translates into higher conversion rates for the Advertisers, and increased CPM’s for our Publishers

Real Time Bidding (RTB) and decision making

Marmar Media’s revolutionary ad-targeting approach takes Real Time Bidding to the next level, matching a user with a personalized ad, at just the right moment, based on the user’s past mobile or web behavior and purchase history resulting in higher conversion rates for the advertiser and better monetization for the publisher

Cross platform

Web, Mobile, Video or Search Engine – Marmar Media’s Cross-Platform Optimization Technology can optimize user engagement across multiple platforms and devices. The ability to track the user and optimize the full path to conversion allows us to optimize the full value chain and maximize ROI for both Advertiser and Publishers

Dynamic creative optimization

Our technology constantly examines performance of thousands of banners and landing pages in order to optimize the right design, content and message to the relevant target audience