It’s all about eCPM.


Using our technology designed specifically for mobile, we ensure that your mobile audiences are detected and targeted with the most relevant ads, and that the advertisers served on your mobile traffic are the best-matched and highest yielding which increases conversion rates and eCPM’s .


Our publishers enjoy competitive eCPMs and 100% international fill. With a combination of hands-on yield optimization and over 200 international advertisers monetizing in 190 geos, we insure our publishers yield high eCPM’s with only the most relevant and engaging advertisers.
You are in control – You decide about offer types, advertisers, creative material and business rules


We utilize our proprietary brand safe technology to filter out all of our video traffic so fraud, bots, and overall bad quality video traffic does not reach our advertisers ads.
This is how we make sure every video impression purchased has qualified the best quality. We manage our partners with complete transparency and constant campaign optimization to get to the best results possible and rich high common goals.
Marmar Media makes it possible for you to extract and meet your video advertising goals for both mobile and desktop.